Feeding the fencing addiction

It’s been a tough year for the part of me that gets restless when it’s been too long since I’ve worked a fencing tournament. Due to the unfortunate collision of US Fencing finances and my own, this season I’ve only worked one national tournament—NAC D, in San Jose in January, which was even within driving range for me.

So, along with a couple of local fencing mom friends, I’ve got into the habit of dropping in to watch local tournaments, which is actually more entertaining than it sounds. Take today’s Bay Cup Senior Mixed Saber, for instance—as of yesterday morning, there were 23 entries of whom 6 are As and 10 are Bs (and some of the Bs are very strong). It won’t be the same as a NAC, by any means, but it might help hold me over until Summer Nationals in Atlanta in July.

Plus there’s that whole pizza and beer thing afterward.


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