BC Diary: Checklist

  • Download copied? Check.
  • Latest editions of Athlete Handbook and Rules on iPad and laptop? Check.
  • Staff schedule made? Check.
  • Strip charts set up on iPad? Check.
  • To-do list created for set-up day? Check.
  • Dark chocolate raisins acquired? Check.
  • Boarding passes printed? Check.

Sounds like I’m ready for Cincinnati.



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2 responses to “BC Diary: Checklist

  1. R

    Hard copy of every thing on your iPad? Check (I hope).

    • Oh, no, no, no—that would require an additional bag (and an additional bag fee).

      But everything on my iPad is also on my phone and my laptop and online in a couple of places, too, so I suspect I’m safe. (And we have printers, so it’s not like hard copies are impossible.)

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