BC Diary: NAC A, Day 3

Today’s schedule is much like yesterday’s, with two large events starting in the morning, and one fairly large and a bunch of smaller ones coming in around midday. Like yesterday’s ME, today’s Div I WE will have repechage, but it’s only half the size, so it shouldn’t last quite so long—only 9 hours or so, instead of the nearly 12 the ME took yesterday. The larger afternoon event is Div II MS, too, so that will go relatively fast, too.

Lunch is definitely better today—chicken alfredo, pasta with meatballs, veggie alfredo. Good to have the protein.

Nothing much out of the ordinary; fencing just plugs along until we’re done. It’s technically a late night, because we finish after 7:00 pm, but nobody much bothers with eating here, because we’re done early enough to make it to a restaurant for dinner. It’s nice to be awake enough to be able to finish a beer.

Sunday stats:

10 events
493 competitors
End of competition: 8:ooish

Alarm’s set for 6:00 am.


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