BC Diary: Officials’ Cuisine

BC operations at the NAC this weekend in Milwaukee are similar enough to those last month in Cincinnati that I’m opting this time for a change of pace: a glimpse of the lunches provided to tournament officials this season.

I didn’t take any food photos on Friday, so I’m missing the both the turkey and vegetarian sandwiches we were served then (with sandwich rolls that Khrushchev could have used for pounding at the UN), but here’s Saturday’s salad as packaged:

This was the only option—no vegetarian/kosher/halal alternatives. There was an accompanying clamshell that held dressing (nominally creamy Italian, but I have my doubts), butter, an excellent roll, and plastic cutlery.

Here’s what it looked like when you mixed it all up:

Today we had a choice between a turkey wrap or a vegetarian wrap, both with a small container of pasta salad which consisted of five or six tortellini and one or two olives:

Here’s what it looked like inside:

And here’s a better look at the pasta salad—Meredith says it looked like miniature body organs, so she thought it deserved a photo of its own:



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5 responses to “BC Diary: Officials’ Cuisine

  1. Christine Griffith

    Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?!?!

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  3. Cristina

    I know it could NOT have been funny while it was happening. But the pictures are just hilarious.

  4. Bradley Baker

    A slight correction: When I got lunch on Saturday there were vegetarian options available. I didn’t look closely, but my impression was that they were the same salad without the grilled chicken breast or bacon crumbles included. Not having looked closely I can’t say whether anything replaced the omitted items.

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