BC Diary: Cuisine, Part 2

Typically, by the end of Monday’s competition and teardown, I was too tired to post. I did take photos of the Monday lunch offerings, though, and since my first food post from Milwaukee was so popular (my 2nd highest hit count ever, aside from one of the July SN posts), I shouldn’t keep you waiting any longer.

The vegetarian option was grilled vegetables on a tomato focaccia roll, with a side of potato salad:

Here’s the chicken version:

Before this fall, I’d never seen so many officials eager to work past 7:00 pm to get meal tickets for the venue concessions; many saved their tickets for hot food for the next day’s lunch. At least we had some decent afternoon munchies, thanks to both the large stash Meredith brought with her and the haul Karen and JR brought in from their local shopping trip. (I’m always amazed at what a morale booster a 3:00 pm cookie break can be—it’s not so much the quality of the snacks as the fact of their appearance that seems to make the difference.)

I’m informed that the officials’ meals will return to their former standard of no more than one cold lunch per 4-day tournament for the rest of the season. I wish I could believe that the promise of proper meals will make it easier to hire officials for future tournaments, but it’s going to take a lot of time and more than a couple of hot meals to rebuild the trust lost by so many unkept promises over the last couple of years.


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November 25, 2010 · 1:04 am

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