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Every so often I run across this picture in my photos, and it always makes me smile. Someone who went sent it to me from one of the few national tournaments I did not travel to when my older daughter was still fencing. I’m pretty sure this is from the fall of 1999, though I’m not absolutely certain, but it would have been a Cadet event because that’s what Kate was fencing at the time.

What I find so entertaining is how many of these fencers are familiar faces–from left to right:

  • Gold: Sada Jacobson.
  • Silver: unknown
  • Bronze: Amy Macarrow—strong saber fencer in Y14 and Cadets, but gave up fencing; eventually attended Scripps College.
  • Bronze: Julia Gelman.
  • 5th: Mariel Zagunis.
  • 6th Place: unknown
  • 7th Place: Kate Griffith—Solid fencer who eventually quit due both to a chronic injury and to the fact that she truly didn’t care whether she won a bout or not, as long as she was having fun fencing—which drove her coach absolutely batty.
  • 8th Place: Valerie Providenza.
UPDATE 7/23/2011: Found them! Silver is Amelia Gaillard and 6th place is Veronica Padula. (I feel so much better now.)

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