SN Day 10

It’s the last day.

My event today is the D1AMS, which is probably better for me to be doing today than the D2WF I finished up with last year. That it’s saber will help me stay awake.

(I continue to believe that one day I will have seen enough foil that it will start to make sense to me; I haven’t yet figured out how or when that will occur, though. But I would definitely like to understand foil at least a little bit.)

Once my event ends, I shift over to packing up mode. Over the past season, we’ve replaced a lot of our small bins with clear plastic boxes, so packing and unpacking is much easier than it used to be. Joe’s finally got the additional Pelican case he asked for ages ago, for the registration netbooks and the extra laptops.

Somehow, though, we always seem to end up with more stuff to go into the BC crate—additional boxes from registration, easels and poster board signs, way too many cartons of Olympic travel brochures—so all the pictures we took last time of how we packed the crate are useless this time.

By the time the fencing is done, all but the last computer and the extension cords and power strips are ready to go into the crate. Figuring out the 3-D jigsaw this time goes pretty quickly, and the BC crate is all packed only an hour or so after that last WF bout finished.

We’re going out with a whimper again, just like last year. Instead of the big BC last night dinner with a dozen or more people, we’re fractured into small groups. Tanya and Nicole need to go to a meeting with Greg; Annie and a few others want to go the the Peppermill buffet; 3 or 4 others of us don’t have the energy to go that far and decide to hit the sushi bar again before we head up to our rooms to pack our own stuff.

I miss those big BC dinners. Sure, they were fun—we indulged ourselves with food and drink—but they were also a kind of debriefing event. We talked about what went well and what didn’t, and floated ideas for improving our procedures. Those dinners helped turn a bunch of opinionated individuals into a BC crew that functions well together. The new BC people coming up now aren’t getting that same experience, to their detriment—and ours.


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