SN Day 7

It’s amazing what cutting the numbers by 25% does to the feel of the day. Only 528 individual and 29 team entries today, so it’s a much less frantic pace.

We shifted the staffing around a bit to free Carla for the Veteran points calculations—results here in Reno will determine team selection for the Vet Worlds in the fall. The Vet age levels today are the women’s foil—one BC staffer runs all four events (a total of 80 fencers) with the aid of a collection of colored markers to distinguish the paper for all the different events.

All of the events are now small enough that strip management is no longer tricky—no more pulling strips from one event to be able to start another, no more complicated DE layouts crossing pod boundaries. Each event is allocated its strips and essentially stays there until the event is done (or moves onto the finals strip for its last bout or three).

Everything finishes up early enough that I can scoot over to Dave and Lisa’s for more BBQ, this time with fencers and coaches from my daughter’s old club, so a far livelier evening than Sunday.

Tomorrow Jill takes over as BC chair, and I get my other day off.


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