SN Day 9

All that sleep on my day off seems to have helped. I’m up, at least, and over at the venue early enough to help set up Aaron’s Vet MF age levels, though he doesn’t really need the help.

It’s mostly a paired day—aside from the lone D2WF, there are two D3 events (MS and WE), two sets of Vet age levels (MF and WS), and two Vet team events (MS and WE). Another (relatively) relaxed combination of events.

I hang out with Aaron for a while—he refereed for the first three days of SN, and then flew to Boston with his wife for a 4th of July sail around Boston harbor on the USS Constitution. He’s working BC for the last three days of SN, I suspect partly just for the fun of people asking him why he’s not refereeing.

My own event today is the Vet MS Team, so I go eat lunch in time to be back for the team check-in starting at 12:30. It’s a fun event for me, because I know a lot of the fencers and most of them are already familiar with team procedures. We end up with 11 teams, so we don’t need more than a single pod to run the entire event.

The gold medal match is held on the finals strip with the replay sytem in the other room. It’s between Bill Becker’s nominally Arizona team, with Bill, Dan Corrigan, Wang Yung, and Justin Meehan, a stunning vision in saber gear, and a team called the Last Minutemen, with Don Anthony, Alfred Lara, Josh Runyan, and Ted Smith. While it looks at first that the Minutemen have a slight advantage over Arizona team, Bill uses his replay calls effectively, and none of the Minutemen have enough experience against Justin to get around his reach.

An early evening—Kristin and Chris and I finally get up to the sushi bar at the Atlantis, and then we all crash.


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