Tanya sent the final numbers for Anaheim last week.

The Anaheim locale is appropriate: Half the fun of thrill rides is letting the anticipation scare you, so I’ve decided that the only way to approach SN this year is to view it as a roller coaster, probably one of the dark rides where you can’t see the next drop or loop. Every morning I can show up at the venue, ready to see what twists and curves await us all. The only thing is, I’m not sure 12–14 hours in the Convention Center will provide the exhilaration to release all that nervous anticipation.

Consider the numbers:

Last year, we had 6, 221 individual entries and 340 teams.

This year? 7,074 individual and 427 team entries.

No short days for us this time, either—we’re projecting only 2 days to finish before 8:00 pm, 5 to finish between 8:00 and 9:00, and 3 for 9:00 pm or later.

Largest individual event: Junior Men’s Epee, 286. Notable runners-up: Junior Men’s Foil, 269; Junior Men’s Saber, 231.

Startlingly large events: Youth 10 Men’s Foil, 125; Youth 12 Men’s Foil, 235.

I’m choosing to view the preparations as the pre-ride, the build-up-your-expectations wait to board. Then a deep breath at the top of the climb when the ride pauses just long enough for us to realize we can’t see the steep drop to come, and then,


At least we’ll get (real) fireworks every night.

JUNE 21 UPDATE: Final numbers after the withdraw deadline: individual entries are now 6947; team entries are still 427. Projected end times are unchanged.



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7 responses to “WWHHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  1. Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

    This is kind of terrifying. We’ll be very busy.

  2. Terry

    Which days are which? lol Since I’m “fencing” this time, I actually have a vested interest. 😉

    • If you’re fencing VWE, you’re on the easier days. The schedule is mostly flipped from last year, so the Vets and Divs come first, and the giant age-level events are during the second half. The longest days (not necessarily the largest) are July 31 (636/32), July 4 (826/40), and July 6 (931/62).

  3. Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

    What’s the predicted end time on the last day? You know, the one I’m leaving on. 🙂

  4. Wayne Jenness

    So glad I’m not going… (Sorry Mary…) Reno last year gave me that slap in the face of just how brutal Summer Nationals is… I had forgotten because it had been a few years for me.

    • You saved me last year, though—I still appreciate it. If you hadn’t worked Reno, I would have had to chair for seven days straight and I know from experience that five straight is too many. (This year I get to chair for eight days, but my days off break it up into smaller chunks, so I figure I’ll only be hallucinating by the last day instead of in a coma.)

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