Panorama Play

I’ve been playing around with the iPhone 5 panorama function off and on for the past few weeks:

USA Fencing’s Strategic Planning Meeting was a lot livelier than it looks in this photo.

Finally got to do the Arch on this St. Louis NAC trip. Tried the panoramic view to the east…

…and the view to the west.

The fencing venue at the convention center in the early morning before we opened the room…

…and with a few more people wandering around in the hall.

We never got around to taking the official BC staff panorama that I wanted to do—the one where everybody runs around behind the photographer so they’re included two or three times in the picture, but maybe with the budget-conscious small staff in Virginia Beach it’ll be more impressive anyway. In the meantime, here are a couple of carpet swatches from the Colorado Springs Doubletree, where the planning meeting was held:


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