2014 SN Diary: Day 5, June 26

SN 6-26


Projected (as of 5/31/2014):
• 459 individual and 57 team entries
• Morning events: 46 pools of Div I Men’s Saber and Div I Women’s Foil, plus 8 Sr Women’s Epee Team matches in the round of 16
• Later in the day: 22 pools of Div 1A Men’s Foil and Div 1A Women’s Saber, plus 9 Sr Men’s Epee Team matches in the round of 64
• Expected end time: 6:55 pm

I was a mere minion today, working with Kristin and Marc on the Div I Men’s Saber, which was–of course–flighted, and refreshing my Fencing Time skills. It’s always fun to watch the faces of the referees who finish their pools quickly only to realize that their reward is a 2nd flight pool. We finished up shortly after lunch, and then–for the first time in years–I got to go watch my daughter fence. That’s a lot easier these days, now that I’ve outgrown that whole stomach-churning overemotional parent thing.

One of my co-chairs worked her last day today and the other is fencing tomorrow, so I’ll have one of my few solo BC chair days. With the humongous Div I ME, Div I WS, and 3 team events, it’ll be the first of our truly challenging days.

Let the circus begin.


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