2014 SN Diary: Travel Day, July 4

I hadn’t planned it, but falling behind on my SN posts for the last few days has turned out well for me. My biggest worry for this morning was how I would manage to stay awake long enough to get onto my plane. Writing the three previous posts has solved that problem nicely for me, leaving me only a few minutes now until my flight starts boarding.

I expect my 4-hour leg to Phoenix will feel much shorter, as I don’t expect to even stay awake for takeoff. I just hope I avoid catching the same type of nasty rhinovirus that caught me on the way home last summer–sleeping for the next week would be much easier without the sneezing and coughing, too.

Once I’ve recovered a bit, I’ll write my SN post-mortem post, with photos (yes, including the much-requested panorama of refs watching World Cup games!) and a few of the odd or funny incidents that caught my attention.

Right now all I need to do is keep my eyes open for the next 10 minutes.


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