2014 SN Diary: Day 8, June 29

SN 6-29


Projected (as of 5/31/2014):
• 985 individual and 46 team entries
• Morning events: 113 pools in Jr Men’s Epee (flighted), Y14 Men’s Foil (flighted), and Jr Women’s Saber (flighted)
• Later in the day: 32 pools in Y10 Women’s Epee and Y12 Women’s Foil, plus 46 teams in Jr Men’s Saber and Jr Women’s Foil
• Expected end time: 9:35 pm

This will be a silly post, my second of the day written in bed. This morning was because today was my other day off, and this evening is because I’m already back from dinner bracing myself for tomorrow’s events.

Once I published my post about Saturday, I got up and dressed, and headed out to North Market for lunch. My plan was to eat lunch, followed by ice cream, and then pick up some cookies and a coffee for my refereeing daughter, who’s been bringing me similar treats when she could and I couldn’t. But as I was finishing my moussaka (couldn’t resist having it again), I got a fencing-related call that bothered me enough that I completely forgot my ice cream.

As I was delivering the cookies, I realized I’d also forgotten the coffee.

On the other hand, the check-in for Monday’s ginormous JME team event was nearly complete, well before the 3:00 pm deadline, so that event looks to be in as good a shape as possible. With 65 teams, it’ll be just barely a table of 128, and I’ll only need to scare up a single strip for that first match before we start the triple-flighted round of 64.

After a few random chats with BC staff and others, I finally remembered the small dish of Jeni’s dark chocolate and black coffee ice creams that was still calling to me, so I headed back over to North Market. Just as I finished the last (excellent) bite, I got a text about how one of our tables had just fallen off the BC stage. So I stopped in again at the venue to check that everybody was okay and that we didn’t lose one of our computer stations (that could have been a huge problem in the morning), but apparently the worst damage was that a mouse popped open and had to be snapped back together. (It makes me appreciate even more, though, the platform guards that the venue in Portland always provides to prevent exactly that problem.)

My alarm is set for 5:00 am. I suspect that once again my planned hour of reading will turn into barely a chapter before I black out. But that’s okay–if everything goes exactly the way it’s supposed to, we should finish up tomorrow night at about 11:00 pm.


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