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Consolidation Time

The time has come to consolidate my web presence, such as it is.

I’ve had various topics spread over too many different places and none of them focus quite where my interests lie these days. My Viral Learning blog covers mainly learning and alternative education topics, though I’m not much active in that area these days. Fencing—From the Inside Out is where I wrote about fencing and national tournaments and discovered that I was only intermittently interested in writing short informative pieces about fencing and national tournament.

Over at www.marygriffith.net I made a catchall site, with links to the blogs, plus pages about my books and conference speaking, along with a few other odds and ends. Mostly I used it to replace the Authors Guild site I’d let lapse because of the limited design options it had offered and to see what I could do just playing around with iWeb.

And there’s Facebook and Twitter and my Lulu storefront and my Amazon author page and I can’t even remember what other odds and ends scattered around . . .

Too often lately I’ve not bothered to blog because the topic didn’t fit well enough with one of my existing blogs. With the new writing projects I’m working on now, that’s happening more and more often, and a bit of blogging is usually a pretty good warm-up for the more serious projects I’m working on now.

Here I can talk about anything that interests me and tie it to everything else that interests me, too. Strangely, the more disparate subjects I’ve dug into lately, the more they’ve come to seem tightly  connected to everything else I’m working on.

For now, I’m going to leave the old blogs as is and just link them in the sidebar rather than moving archives over here.

This should be an interesting new playground—lots of WordPress bells and whistles to play with and no more worries about what should be posted where.


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