Ban the Book Bans!

For the past few years (decades, even? I’m too lazy to go look it up), I’ve made it a point to celebrate Banned Books Week, the American Library Association’s effort to call attention to efforts to control which books citizens are allow to read. Like most avid readers and writers (and I hang out with more than a few), I’m aghast at the increasing attempts to ban books in schools and libraries, and even book stores where the banners want to even control what customers are allowed to buy.

Given the current dire trend, I’m not going to celebrate this year’s Banned Books Week September 18–24. I’m going to take the whole month for Banned Books Weeks.

Read A Banned Book This Banned Books Week

If you’re interested in learning more about book banning generally and Banned Bboks Week, here are a few resources:

ALA Banned Books Week site:

Unite Against Book Bans:


There’s one sign of hope, of course—with all the recent publicity they’ve been getting, quite a few of the most banned books are selling better than they have in years. After all, banned books lists make excellent additions to everybody’s TBR lists. 


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  1. R

    Lovely to hear from you. Been too long. Have you been keeping up with the changes? Think of you every time I look at a hotel carpet. 😉

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