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Now 100% electronic!

Well, not quite–it’s just that with yesterday’s release of the Kindle version of The Unschooling Handbook, all my books are now available in electronic format. (Viral Learning is also available in an epub version, for fans of Stanza and other non-Kindle e-readers,)

Of course, you can still get the paper versions, too.


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Completely digital (redux)

Back in March I posted about the forthcoming Kindle version of The Unschooling Handbook, which was then announced for November. But today, looking fruitlessly through the Random House website for some indication of why my royalty report (with check!) that was due yesterday hasn’t shown up yet, I discovered that it’s been moved up—The Unschooling Handbook will be available for Kindle readers and apps this coming Wednesday, May 5.

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Completely digital

Just found out this morning that The Unschooling Handbook will be published in Kindle format in November 2010. That’s the only one not already available in digital form.

The next few royalty reports should be interesting. As far as I can tell so far (from the admittedly murky indicator of the Amazon sales rankings), the digital versions don’t seem to be affecting the sales of the print versions much. The print versions are selling at about the same rate as the past few years. The digital versions are also selling, but without a royalty report yet, I can’t translate sales rankings into numbers sold.

Of course, since the Kindle versions of my other books were only just published this year, those sales won’t show up until the November report. Drives me nuts that my bank can tell me instantly when my husband picks up milk at the grocery store, but it takes four months after the end of a royalty period for my publisher to tell me how many copies of my books they sold. Ah, well—it’s not like it’ll affect any more than the relative extravagance of this year’s Christmas presents.

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