2014 SN Diary: Day 3, June 24

SN 6-24


Projected (as of 5/31/2014):
• 655 entries
• Morning events: 60 pools of Veteran Men’s Saber and Women’s Foil age-levels, Div 2 Men’s Epee, Div 3 Men’s Foil
• Later in the day: 34 pools of D1A Women’s Epee, D3 Women’s Saber, and the last MS and WF age-levels
• Expected end time: 6:40 pm

We needed to lose 1 pool this morning in order to avoid flighting either the Div 2 ME or Div 3 MF, which we did. But the missing scoring machines meant that most of the Vet age levels were crammed in together on A and B, the two replay pods, for both pools and DEs.

Most of the BC staff is settling into the routine, and the worst errors so far have been my own. I am now 3 for 3–once on each of the first 3 days– assigning two events to the same strips, something I don’t usually do until the last day. Sunday and yesterday it was only a single pod, but today when asked, I gave the Div 3 WS the same strips I’d already given the Div 1A WE. It was an easy enough problem to correct–we just had to tell the fencers to move to the same numbered strip in the correct pod. It was fun, too, to watch the 16 strips’ worth of WS fencers and referees migrate the length of the hall with all their equipment.

David Blake is trying all sorts of weird and wonderful tests of the machines on the replay pods, mostly to do with entering fencer names to show on each strip at the proper times, but also testing direct transmission of scores to the BC computers.

Tomorrow gives a bit of a break, with just 6 events, before we begin the truly challenging days ahead. But it’s also my first day off, so my alarms are off, and I have no particular plans, except for a walk over to North Market for lunch and ice cream.

A fun dinner tonight with my saber coach daughter and a few of her students and their parents, followed by a very brisk walk back to our hotel in the downpour. Silly as it may be, I may go watch them fence tomorrow if I wake up early enough.


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